Fancy box

(That’s right, we made a box so awesome, it comes with instructions.)

Make Sure you have the Right Box

This manual is designed for the Exploding Kittens First Edition Box and the Exploding Kittens Party Pack. To make sure you have one of these boxes, we’ve devised this test:

Please check for the word “First” followed by the word “Edition” on your box.
If it’s there, you have a First Edition Box.


Please check for the word “Party” followed by the word “Pack” on your box.
If it’s there, you have a Party Pack Box.

This concludes the test to determine if you have the correct box.

Care and Maintenance

  • Do not sit on the box.

  • Do not publically ridicule the box.

  • Do not take the box swimming.

  • Everything else is cool.

Opening the Box

The box is sealed with a magnet that you can unlatch by pulling forward on the front tab.

Making your box "meow" or "party"

First Edition: Each time you open your box, you should hear Tacocat meow.

Party Pack: Each time you open your box, you should hear the Kitty Conga Line in full swing.

This trick is accomplished via a light sensor embedded in the box. Make sure you're opening the box in a well lit room so that there's enough light to trigger the sound.

Meow Box Image


There are no lights anywhere on the box. This is a nasty internet rumor. Stop writing to us complaining that your box doesn't light up. Nobody's box lights up. That would be crazy! We hate crazy.

Replacing the Batteries

Eventually, the batteries will die (thus completing the circle of life).

To give the box renewed super powers, follow these steps:

  1. Get a small flat head screwdriver and up to three LR1130 type batteries.

    Meow Box Image

    Note: The remaining images will reference the First Edition box, but the Party Pack box is designed and manufactured the exact same way.

  2. Locate the small “tuck box” opening to the sound compartment above the inner artwork.

    Meow Box Image
  3. Use the screwdriver to GENTLY open the compartment. (Be careful not to tear the cardboard!)

  4. Once the compartment is open, hook the screwdriver underneath the plastic lip and gently pull out the tray.

    Meow Box Image
  5. This is the sound card. It should now be easily removable.

    Meow Box Image
  6. Remove the sound card completely from the box.

    Meow Box Image
  7. Gently press on the underside of the tray to remove the sound card and speaker from the plastic tray.

    Meow Box Image
  8. Use the screwdriver to fold up the small metal tabs holding each of the batteries. This will allow the battery to slide out of its compartment. (Each battery only has 1 tab holding it in place, and each tab is facing outwards.)

    Meow Box Image
  9. Use the screwdriver to gently push on the battery from the opposite side of the tab you just folded out of the way.

    Meow Box Image
  10. Completely remove the battery from the compartment.

    Meow Box Image
  11. Repeat this process with each of the three batteries.

  12. Insert three new batteries. (The batteries are type: LR1130)

  13. Use the screwdriver to fold back all three tabs so that the batteries are secure.

  14. Insert the sound card back into the cardboard compartment.

  15. Use the screwdriver to gently replace the tuck top. (This is the step where you’re most likely to do damage to the box, so be EXTRA CAREFUL and DON’T RUSH!)


If something's not working with your box, here are a few things to try:

  • Make sure you have a First Edition or Party Pack box (see above)

  • Make sure you're opening the box in a bright room (see above)

  • Make sure there's nothing obstructing the light sensor in the box (which is NOT an LED or any sort of actual light) (see above)

Still need help?

Email with your name and the phrase "No fancy in my fancy box" in the subject line of your email so we can best assist you!